Syrian women to raise their voices at Saudi Embassy rally

Nagia Kurabi

Nagia Kurabi passionately denounces the horrors women are now undergoing in Syria, where President Bashar al-Assad has retaliated against the civil uprising occurring in that country for the last 13 months.

“Women are humiliated in front of their husbands’ eyes,” she said, describing the mass rape of women. “In our culture, when a woman is raped, she is ruined.”

A Syrian American who has lived in the US for 26 years, Kurabi becomes even more animated when she defends Syrian women against passivity. Europeans, she says, have accused opposition supporters of being conservative Islamists and not allowing Syrian women to speak up. She denies this and adds that this is a core reason for the Syrian Women and Children Rally–which she has helped organized–on April 13, “to show them that we have a voice.”

Kurabi praised the strength and courage of mothers who send their children and husbands out into the streets to demand their freedom, knowing the odds are that they could be killed or imprisoned. She also proudly noted that the first opposition demonstrations in Syria last year were organized by women in Dara and Damascus.

The Syrian Women and Children Rally will be held on Friday, April 13 at 11am in front of the Saudi Embassy, near the Watergate Hotel. Live Stream of this event will be here.

Nagia Kurabi announces the rally:

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