Cool Revolution has been on break for a while, but we hope to be back soon! We will put more focus on discussing just what exactly the Cool Revolution is, and how we can all bring it about. When we get back in the swing of things, we will welcome your thoughts and submissions.

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What is the Cool Revolution?

A revolution that transforms the outlook and behavior of many individuals and thereby slowly transforms a society can be called a “cool revolution.” It educates people to think critically, to enter that realm of nonconformity that has always been the source of change. When people have transformed their minds, they will naturally and coolly act to transform the society and eventually the polity.

Robert Thurman, Inner Revolution (Riverhead Books, 1998)

Our Purpose

Cool Revolution aims to put a spotlight on the issues affecting people in our time: wealth inequality, environmental devastation, NSA surveillance, and many others. We hope to provide a platform for discussion on the social movement that is occurring and to dialogue with others in the movement. We want to talk about the revolution “out there” and the revolution “in here,” because changing society is impossible without changing our own perceptions first. This is also a forum for discussing the issues surrounding citizen journalism, also known as activist journalism.

The Context

A broad movement is coalescing around the globe to confront injustice, violence, and inequality. It’s not like they weren’t always present in human society, but it has reached a fever pitch. There is a wealthy uber-class sucking the marrow out of the vast majority, the very ecosystem which sustains us is imperiled, and endless wars are waged against nameless enemies. Governments know that the masses have reached the breaking point. They have armed the police with military weapons. They are watching everyone with the intent of eliminating privacy.

These are the overwhelming issues we face. Yet those of us lucky enough not to caught in a struggle for survival often let consumer culture alternately crank up our fears and lull us into comfortable distraction.

Robert Thurman writes:

In the world right now, with all this propaganda in the news, one of the things they do is encourage people to be helpless. If you don’t consume the products they’re selling you, if you don’t flip out over this and that, or fear this and that, you’ll be miserable. All this false propaganda is encouraging people to maintain the worst habits.

Our propensity to be distracted, to repress in the face of fear is an indication that the revolution is mostly within. The more we can stay present with the overwhelming, dystopian present the more we can take constructive action. And at the same time, we will also tap into the deeper truth is that all is well, and joy is our birthright.

Cool Heroes

Cool revolutions need cool heroes. Cool heroes know that people’s minds and hearts are the most powerful and precious energies of all. They transform their “hot” (violent, rageful, vindictive) energy into “cool” (compassionate, nonviolent) energy. They know that the enemy isn’t “over there”–hate is the real enemy. Cool heroes are warriors because they courageously face their inner obstacles with compassion and kindness. Cool heroes working together form nonviolent social movements.

The inner revolution is the precondition for the outer revolution.  –Bhikku Bodhi

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