Occupy the Roads

One of the most amazing things about the Occupy movement is all the people it has inspired to go out on the road–walking hundreds of miles, hitching or driving from Occupation to another.

Then there are those who for whom the road is the Occupation, like Tino Fuentes and Janet Wilson. They–with their RV–are Occupy the Roads.

After what Tino calls the “Brooklyn Bridge debacle” on October 1, Janet was compelled to return to Washington state, get her RV and drive down the West Coast. Tino later joined her on an East Coast leg. They’ve driven 16,000 miles through 30 states and visited 109 Occupations.

“Everywhere we’ve gone we’ve met great hospitality,” Tino says.

And everywhere along the way, they stop and talk to people about the Occupy movement. In general, Tino says, they receive a good response.

But not everyone has even heard of Occupy. News of Occupy, for example, hadn’t reached a little Texas town called Goldthwaite, pop. 900. There, Tino says, they talked for two hours with a couple of guys, one of whom began to question his signing up for the Air Force.

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