A Very Cool Occupation: Anchorage

You must obtain a permit for an igloo in the City of Anchorage

Occupy Anchorage, still going strong:

Since 11am on October 22, 2011 a continuous occupation on the corner of 6th & F (WALL) streets next to Town Square Park, across from City Hall, and near the Performing Arts Theater. Occupy Anchorage occupiers have been taking shifts to maintain the spot. At first the People’s Library, Fish Not Bombs food, and tons of signs were the main attractions at the occupation. After an action outside of the Dena’ina Center where Karl Rove was speaking on October 29, 2011, the 1st amendment tent-shaped sign was placed at the occupation to store signs out of the weather. Early in the morning on Day 15 of the occupation a canopy, as well as a food storage, and winter supply storage tents were added. These new storage areas allow for better organization of supplies at the site, especially now that there is snow.

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