Counter-protestors at Freedom Plaza are no-show first day

Freedom Plaza on Feb. 5, 2012 as Park Service workers in hazmat suits remove tents and belongings

CORRECTION: One to two dozen counter-protestors did rally as scheduled on Monday, a smaller than expected turnout. The think-tank FreedomWorks is also a sponsor of the counter-protest.

Counter-protestors didn’t appear today for their first scheduled lunchtime rally at Freedom Plaza, site of one of the two Occupy DC camps. A conservative think-tank called the National Center of Public Policy Research obtained a permit to protest on the east side of Freedom Plaza, planning a kick-off of “Occupy Occupy DC” on February 13. They can easily make up for lost time, however, since their permit extends through March 15.

Skateboarders often frequent the east side of Freedom Plaza

Freedom Plaza lost one quarter of its encampment on February 5 when Park Police conducted an inspection, removing any tents deemed not in compliance with Park regulations. The mood was distinctly different from the raid at McPherson Park the day before, when Park Police moved in before dawn with full paramilitary force, including helicopters with spotlights. Occupiers at Freedom Plaza have cultivated a friendlier relationship with Park Police and put up little resistance to the raid.

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