Read It Later

I think I’m in love. With an app.

I’m a compulsive clicker. On the Net every day there are a thousand articles to read and videos to watch and cool stuff to keep up with. Half the time I say, “I’ll read it later.”

Some clever app developer knows my type. He or she made “Read It Later.” I’ve already downloaded it on my Mac, iPad and Android phone, and it’s uncluttered the I-won’t-confess-how-many tabs I had open in my browser. Let’s hope it works as well as advertised, because it just looks perfect for my Internet hoarding habits.

You can use it on your web browser, iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, or Blackberry. You can save content to your queue from your browser or from over 250 apps. Here’s the really fun part: in Click to Save mode, you can zip through your news aggregator, RSS reader, or Twitter timeline, adding links to your queue without actually clicking through and loading it. Your devices will sync up, and you can even download pages to read when you’re offline.

So far, so good. If you’re using it, please share your experience.

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