Occupy DC: Man at McPherson Park badly beaten, hospitalized

A space is cleared in McPherson Park after Friday night's assault

Two assailants brutally beat up a Hispanic man at the Occupy DC encampment at McPherson Park. The incident occurred in the early hours of Saturday morning, and the victim was hospitalized because of his injuries. No arrests were made. National Park Police were unable to provide an incident report on Saturday.

Park Police leveled a cluster of five tents nicknamed Echo Base where the assault took place. According to accounts at McPherson Park, the victim had been at Occupy DC for only a couple of days and the alleged assailants for a few weeks. As more non-activists with no affiliation to Occupy move in, the camp is encountering greater problems with accountability.


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2 thoughts on “Occupy DC: Man at McPherson Park badly beaten, hospitalized

  1. I was there this evening, didn’t hear anything about this–do you have any contacts in the camp I could speak to about it? Seriously abhorrent stuff, especially disturbing if “newcomers” are being targeted by longer-term folks.

    • Very disturbing stuff! Given the seriousness, I was surprised that it wasn’t discussed at the GA. There were several specifics I didn’t include, such as status of the victim and names, because I couldn’t confirm them yet. You might ask nurse Laura, or Darrell, if you know him. I’d appreciate it if you let me know anything new. @cool_revolution or info@coolrevolution.net Thanks!

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