OccupyDC: Drunk and disorderly

Christmas tree at McPherson Park

Yesterday Park Police responded to a call about a drunk man allegedly assaulting a woman at OccupyDC-McPherson Park. Police arrested him, and the guy kicked the holy crap out of one of the officers and put him in the hospital.

The incident highlights two inter-related problems plaguing this and other camps: drug/alcohol abuse and sexual assault.

UPDATE: James “Tank” Ruffin was charged with assaulting a police officer and assault with a dangerous weapon after injuring the spine of one officer and making another vomit after he kicked him in the groin. It’s not clear what dangerous weapon was involved besides Ruffin’s 300 pounds of resistance to arrest. He’s alleged to have entered a woman’s tent, vomited, and jumped on her and others. So far, he hasn’t been charged with assault for actions in the tent.

UPDATE: Tank Ruffin was released from custody on December 29 on the condition that he not return to McPherson Park before his court date on January 13. Ruffin was arrested on two counts of battery in Florida last year.


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