Jesse Jackson drops by Take Back the Capitol on the National Mall

Jesse Jackson was in the house today at Take Back the Capitol on the National Mall. Organized by unions and community groups from around the country, Take Back the Capitol aims to prod legislators into passing jobs legislation. Inspired by Occupy encampments, they have pitched a camp of several large tents on the Mall.

Jackson praised the Occupy movement: “Occupy is a spirit. It is an idea.” He noted that Martin Luther King, Jr. was turning his attention to poverty before his death and intended to “occupy” the National Mall as well. “Occupy is the resurrected spirit of Marin Luther King, Jr.”

Imitating the rhetorical phrasing of Dr. King, Jackson fired up the enthusiastic crowd, who repeated his words in the style of the “human mic.”

“Occupy will not go away. Occupy will get stronger and stronger. We will occupy until we have education for all of our children. We will occupy until there is healthcare for everybody.”

He claimed that Jesus was also an Occupier: “Jesus occupied the temple to end corruption in that spirit.”

Jackson concluded with a rousing call for human dignity: “Let nothing break your spirit. Hold your head up!”



Take Back the Capitol – Cool Revolution

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