Occupy Converges in a National General Assembly

IMAG0328 by 13lucie

Occupiers from around the country convened a “National General Assembly” tonight prior to a planned “Day of Action” on Wednesday.

Protestors from numerous Occupy groups flocked to DC in sync with the week-long “Take Back the Capitol,” which was coordinated mostly by unions to affect jobs legislation.

Locations represented included Portland, Chicago, Saginaw, Miami, Houston, Indiana, St. Louis, Charleston, WV, Wisconsin, Kennebunkport, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Boston, Los Angeles and even one Occupier from Honolulu, Hawaii.

The biggest cheers were reserved for the evicted Occupier from Portland, OR, where heavy-handed police crackdowns caused severe injury to Iraq war veteran Scott Olsen.

Wednesday’s “Day of Action” will begin at 11am with a protest at a lobbying firm which represents Bank of America and BP followed by a march to the White House. Another protest will occur at 5:30pm at the US Supreme Court. Several protestors plan to commit civil disobedience resulting in arrest on the Supreme Court steps.

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