Cool Heroes of the Day: Occupy Richmond

Occupy Richmond Stands Up For Local Tea Party Group

The Richmond Tea Party has been alleging that it is being singled out for unfair treatment from the city of Richmond, Virginia after officials have opened a tax audit of the group. These Tea Partiers complain that the city has been much more lenient on Occupy Richmond (which recently faced arrests after resisting an eviction) and that 99 Percenters are getting preferential treatment.

Yet the Richmond Tea Party just got an unexpected ally in its claim against the city — Occupy Richmond. The group put out a statement defending the Tea Party group and criticizing possible politically-motivated retaliation against it by the city:

Today the Occupy Richmond Santa handed out candy to nice children and coal to naughty Mayor Jones.

Cool heroes. Totally.

3 thoughts on “Cool Heroes of the Day: Occupy Richmond

  1. […] Maintaining the Occupy presence is finding expression in a diverse mix of protest, education and cre… There have been educational series, flash mobs, a photo project and a benefit for the homeless. Three Occupy Richmond participants walked 110 miles from Richmond to DC as part of Occupy the Highway. Occupy Richmond recently welcomed the marchers of “Walkupy” on their way to Atlanta from DC. A Statewide Solidarity Rally included a march through downtown, stops at infamous places like the Bank of America building, and a potluck and Human University celebration at Kanawha Plaza. […]

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