From Washington to Istanbul with love

Members of GetEQUAL, Code Pink, and the Maryland Bridge Light Brigade sent an illuminated one-word message to the Turkish people: “RESISTANBUL.” They spelled out the catch-phrase for the protests sweeping Turkey in blue lighted panels in front of the Turkish Embassy in Washington, DC on June 23. Organizer Ellen Sturtz said, “GetEQUAL is inspired by…

Photo by PublicDomainPictures

Cool Quote of the Day

Learning not to cause harm to ourselves is a basic Buddhist teaching. Nonaggression has the power to heal. Not harming ourselves or others is the basis of an enlightened society. This is how there could be a sane world. It starts with sane citizens, and that is us. -Pema Chödrön, Comfortable with Uncertainty Related articles…


CODEPINK alleges mass civilian casualties from drone bombings, asks Senator Feinstein for investigation

Just two weeks after disrupting the confirmation hearing of John Brennan, the activist organization CODEPINK paid a visit to the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee. In the Atrium of the Senate Hart Office Building, CODEPINK demonstrators donned black robes and ghoulish masks to dramatize the alleged killing of civilians in drone bombing attacks by…


Cool Quote of the Day

Without the recognition of non-violence on a national scale there is no such thing as a constitutional or democratic government. -Mahatma Gandhi, Non-Violence in Peace and War Related articles The relevance of Gandhi in the capitalism debate ( Cool Quote of the Day (