DC Sleepful Protest relocates

The new Sleepful Protest on 11th and Pennsylvania

A vendor set up shop in front of the Bank of America on Vermont Ave.

Occupy DC’s Sleepful Protest relocated to a different Bank of America branch. After persistent arrests for “blocking passage” at the Bank of America on Vermont Ave., they abandoned the storefront after a vendor named Anthony set up shop at the same site. Ironically, he also has political signs and says he has a cause (domestic violence against women). So far police haven’t bothered him.

The new occupied Bank of America branch is on 11th and Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, the hoax website “Your Bank of America” has BoA CEO Brian Moynihan apologizing for…everything. His faux letter ‘fesses up to climate-destroying coal investments, plummeting stock prices which may require more taxpayer bailouts, and continuing the same practices that nearly caused economic collapse. It directs the reader to a forum where they can submit their comments and suggestions for making Bank of America the “Bank for America.”

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